Grief support

for children, teens and adults coping with loss

Are you grieving the death of someone important or coping with terminal illness?

I offer practical support and guidance to individuals and families coping with loss and grief.

Together, we can build on your individual strengths, facilitate resilience and renew hope.

Most people think of grief as related to death.  But other types of losses, like serious illness and separation can immerse us in grieving too. Grief is a whole-person response that may include physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual effects.  The grief process can make you feel like you are “going crazy” and that your world is out of control.  Regaining a sense of balance in your life after a loss can be a difficult, lonely journey.  Learning about the grief process  and getting support can  facilitate healing by  reducing the effects of stress, build upon your individual strengths, facilitate resilience and strengthen your efforts in rebuilding a positive future.

Grief Support

Grief Education

Grief Consultation

Change, loss and trauma are natural occurrences in the life cycle.  Grief is our natural response to loss and change. I offer a safe and caring environment where individuals coping with death and dying can express their feelings and experiences of grief, promote healing, and move toward renewed hope and meaning. Read more...

We all will experience grief from loss at some time in our lives and each of us will experience it in our own unique way.  There is no right way to grieve or formula for healing, but it is helpful to understand the grief process and to learn healthy ways to cope. This knowledge will help us know what to say and do to help others who may be grieving. Read more...

When your family is struggling with loss or anticipated loss, you may only need some information about the grieving process at various ages and guidance on how to help your family cope with this challenge. Read more...

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